Welcome to my website


I am a multi-media artist and within this website you will find examples of my work interspersed with that of other artists and artisans.  My website displays not only my own work but also that of a mix of lesser and more well known artists each of whom bring their own particular point of view to their varied and various specialist fields.  I enjoy spanning across a number of different genres and drawing on a range of disparate areas including photography, painting, pottery and poetry.

I also like to interrelate these different strands linking and combining them together so that the one enhances the other.

Whilst researching and displaying the work of established – if diverse – artists I also like to delve into their ideas – taking on a questioning approach and additionally examining the sources and techniques of their work.  This exploration of the work of others then informs and influences my own work.

I hope you enjoy looking through my mixed medley of pages; they have and are proving to be invaluable to me – particularly as they provide a useful platform that is supportive and encouraging for me to find my own voice.

Do dip in and hop about until you find something that interests and inspires or motivates you too.