Allt y Bela – Frost in Usk

It’s a cold and frosty morning today; which has reminded me of a wonderful video that I came across quite recently, of a great garden still in the making . The aerial view video is by William Collinson and shows off a garden in Wales by the gifted garden designer Arne Maynard.  The house and its grounds are called Allt y bela, they can be found nestled and   sequestered within the wild Welsh landscape of Usk.  Allt y bela is not only a home but also an education centre too, as Arne offers workshops and other varied and interesting events. I haven’t been there myself, yet, although it is on my “to go” list !

Clicking  on the above link, should take you to the page listed as “frost”.  The video is labelled “Allt y bela in the frost from Arne Maynard Garden Design.” ( Make sure you watch it at full-screen size. )

Arne’s website  also provides a wealth of information for serious gardeners, it is beautifully presented, and incorporates wonderful photography so is well worth returning to and revisiting – again and again !

AND FINALLY  – here is a rare archival video of the American poet, Robert Frost,  reading his elusive and enigmatic  1922 poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

The feature photo is my own; it is a composite / digitally altered image showing a winter tree in silhouette with the moon behind.


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